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uniCenta oPOS is a completely Free Open Source POS

uniCenta oPOS free open source Point Of Sale is one of the most downloaded Touchscreen POS applications available on the internet today and runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

It's equally at home running on an iOS or Android device when using a Remote Desktop connection client application.

With hundreds of thousands of Downloads to its name and in use all around the world in all sorts of businesses from Bars, Cafes and Visitor attractions through to Restaurants, Supermarkets and specialist stores i
t's proving to be a great replacement for electronic cash registers and expensive POS systems. 

uniCenta oPOS comes as standard with English UK (default) yet can easily be re-configured for use in other countries and other languages.  Currently 16 languages are supported

What makes uniCenta oPOS so great? Apart from the fact you get a totally free, unrestricted, commercial-grade POS application (it doesn't cost you a single penny) it's backed up with an amazing free uniCenta oPOS Community full of people waiting to help you.  uniCenta oPOS wouldn't be what it is today without their input.

uniCenta oPOS is "real" community driven software in action!

See for yourself www.sourceforge.ent/projects/unicentaopos

a few of the many, many thanks we have received...

This software is really very very beautiful : Massimo

First of all, congratulations for the great work : Willian

Thanks for prompt reply and all the work that you put in to support this great program : Neil

Great program, congratulations : Csaba

I congratulate you for producing some thing as wonderful as Unicenta POS : Radha

Just came across your fantastic POS product : Arnold

Thank you for providing Unicenta POS to the community. It is truly a great piece of software : Perfecto

We installed unicenta opos in our sports-clubhouse and love it : Pieter

Everything looks just fine and I love this software : Thanh

It's really a great job : Dion
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Main uniCenta site: www.unicenta.com

Download: uniCenta oPOS

Language Packs
  1. English UK (default)
  2. Albanian
  3. Arabic
  4. Argentinian
  5. Brazilian
  6. Croation
  7. Dutch
  8. English US
  9. Estonian
  10. French
  11. German
  12. Italian
  13. Mexican
  14. Portuguese
  15. Spanish
  16. Swedish

Download Language Pack

Useful stuff :

SQuirrel Universal SQL
is a great free open source SQL tool we use to help us with development.

provided us the tool for packaging uniCenta oPOS and its installer.
Bitrock cross platform installerBitrock cross platform installer